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Black Finishes

NBP's Econo Black -  NBP's own formulations -   This molybdate black goes directly on zinc die cast. After the molybdate coating is applied, the parts are submerged in a seal composed of chromates and phosphates that enhance the salt spray resistance of the coating. An organic coating, water dip lacquer, is applied as a final coat to protect the finish and improve appearance.

Zinc & Black Molybdate - Similar to  Econo Black, but this molybdate black is applied over a bright zinc plate to yield a glossy, plastic like black finish. The corrosion characteristics can be improved with a seal and/or lacquer as required.

Black Electroless Nickel - Parts are Electroless Nickel plated and then blackened to give a metallic brown / black appearance. This coating is used for a variety of applications from color identification to eye appeal. 

Black Electrolytic Nickel - ULTRA CONDUCTIVE - This finish is not as intense as the Zinc & Black Molybdate but has excellent eye appeal, yet this finish in contrast to the other black finishes is very conductive. This coating was developed for automotive applications where conductivity and low reflectivity are important.

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