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New Brunswick Plating Purchasing Terms & Conditions

New Brunswick Plating, Inc.                                                                                               Document: PUR 25 Rev: C

Title: Purchasing Terms and Conditions           

Approval Date: 1/17/18                                                                                                      Approval:  R. Seepersaud

The scope of this document is to establish a written list of requirements, known as “Terms and Conditions,” that Purchasing requires its vendors to meet when supplying purchased Level-1 and Level-2 [ref. Pur12] products.


The current “Terms and Conditions” are as follows:

AS9100 - NBP Purchase Order Terms & Conditions: PUR25 Rev.C (1/17/18)

-NBP requires that they immediately get notified of any pending back-order or delivery delay if not discussed at order time.

-NBP requires that a Certificates of Analysis with all Chemical & Metal product purchases be received with the delivered orders.

-NBP requires that all proprietary and commodity chemical purchases have a minimum of 60% shelf-life (usage time) left on the chemical product at their arrival time to NBP.

-NBP will return, at the Supplier's expense, all chemicals with less than 60% shelf-life, and a Corrective Action will be issued.

-NBP requires immediate notification of any changes made to products or processes we buy so we can verify its effects (if any) to our production and processing. This requirement applies to all sub-tier vendors/suppliers as well.

-NBP requires that all gaging, temperature, and XRF devices, purchased and/or calibrated, are traceable to NIST Standards and that they maintain a range within Manufacturer's specifications, with NBP's maximum tolerance of the following: (1) Gaging is none. Tolerance must stay within Manufacturer's specifications; (2) Temperature Testers must have a maximum tolerance of plus or minus (+/-) 10° F; (3) All XRF Foil Standards, purchased or calibrated, have a maximum tolerance of plus or minus (+/-) 10%.

-NBP requires that all parts sent out for Salt-Spray Corrosion Testing meet industry standards, with a 5% maximum variance in test results.

-NBP & their customers reserve the right of access to inspect all of our supplier's facilities and records affiliated with our order.

-NBP requires that all records affiliated with our orders be kept for 10 years.

-NBP reserves the right to a 3rd party evaluation of purchased product to verify concentration & compliance.

-NBP must approve any supplier's subcontractors before purchased product will be accepted.

-NBP requires all suppliers prevent the use of counterfeit product/component used in manufacturing products sold to NBP.

All suppliers are required to ensure that persons are aware of their contribution to product or service conformity, product safety (e.g. by providing latest revision SDS / MSDS with chemicals), and the importance of ethical behavior.

-NBP requires that a copy of all invoices be e-mailed to our bookkeepers ( and ( or postal mailed to NBP/Accounts Payable at 1010 Jersey Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ 08901.

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