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New Brunswick Plating Customer Terms & Conditions

New Brunswick Plating                                                                 Document#: CR7A  Rev: A

Scope: Terms for Quotation                               

Approval Date: 5/19/97                                                                                           Approval: R. Seepersaud



1.    Revision : This Quotation is subject to revision with 30 days prior notice. Also prices may vary after the initial run.


2.    Terms All accounts are due within 30 days of date shipped. Precious metals are due 10 days from date invoiced.

       Unapproved accounts, or those in arrears, will be handled on a COD basis


3.    Adjustments:  Claims for adjustments must be made within five working days after you receive the work. Any further processing, by you,

       of material covered by this quote, including assembly shall constitute acceptance of our services. (See Para 8).


4.    NBP Limited Liability NBP warrants and agrees that its plating or finishing will be free from defects and in accordance with written specifications provided        by the customer. NBP responsibility for any defect in plating and/or finishing shall be limited to reworking the parts at the expense of NBP. Other than     

 reworking the part, NBP shall not be liable for any damages to the underlying part or material; NBP shall not be responsible for any consequential loss to the customer; any cost to the customer; any loss profits of the customer; any delay damages for the customer inability to provide any service or part to its customer. Other than the written limited warranty contained herein, there are no other express and/or implied warranties.


5.    Incoming Shipments: All incoming freight must be pre-paid. We do not accept collect shipments except for authorized returns (see para 8).


6.     Outgoing Shipment: 

6.1 Unless otherwise quoted, we retain the original incoming boxes and packaging for return of the material. We pack the  

        material in the original containers according to our packing specification. We assume no responsibility for damage to these containers during transportation.


  1. We can provide new packing material and pack to your specification. This is not included in the quote and you must pay the additional material and labor



  1. We return the material via the carrier you use to ship to us, unless you specify a different carrier. Other changes to our return shipping procedures may

         require additional charges and are not included in this quote.


6.4   Shipments are sent collect or by third party billing using your account number. This exception is UPS shipments. UPS is billed to you by us when invoiced.


7.     Delivery Dates: Projected delivery dates are made in good faith but are subject to delays. Customers shall be responsible for supplying specifications and

        materials in a timely manner.


8.      Rejected Parts


8.1    If you reject parts received from us, you must return it as received from us. Further processing or assembly by you, or a third party, voids our warranty and           releases us from liability.


8.2    Before returning any part, a return authorization number must be obtained. The return authorization number will specify the procedure for returning the  

         parts.  NOTE: All rejected parts are subject to our examination and approval before rework will be done.


8.3    If parts are returned for reasons other than defects in the plating, you will be responsible for return freight charges and any charges associated with defects 

        caused by others.


9.     Prior Finishes: We assume no responsibility for plating or finishes previously applied by others. We may return the material to you, at your expense, or strip         and refinish the material, at your expense, on a best effort basis by us. The limited warranty shall not apply to parts previously finished by others.


10.   Damages to Materials:


10.1  Damage in Transportation: We are not liable for damages as a result of transportation to or from our plant.


  1. Damage at our facility Also, we are not an insurer of the customer's material and shall not be liable, regardless of cause, for loss by fire, theft, pilferage,

          vandalism, casualty or acts of God while such material is in our possession. The customer shall be responsible to maintain insurance on their parts and  



  1. This provision may be changed upon a written agreement between us in which charges for this type of protection will be agreed upon.


11.     Finish Specs / Testing


11.1   You must indicate plainly in writing the finish specifications, heat treatment, type of material or alloy, condition or surface to be finished, and/or testing to            be performed. If you do not, we shall be released from all liability and an extra charge may be made to cover any additional expense incurred as a result

          thereof. Whenever we are given material with detailed instructions as to treatment and/or testing, our responsibility shall end with the carrying out of those           instructions.


11.2   Dimensions. Defined dimensions apply after plating.


11.3   Gages. Standard gages will be furnished by us based on the size of the order.


11.4   Counts. Outgoing piece counts are used by us since incoming counts are not verified.

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