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Gold Plating

Gold does not oxidize at normal temperatures it retains its conductivity and solderability. Even very thin layers will impart its properties to the plated surface. Gold is primarily used it the electronics industry for connectors, printed circuits, transistors and integrated circuits, anywhere where contact resistance, solderability, or wire bonding are crucial. Alloying Gold with small amounts of Cobalt can dramatically increase its hardness and wear characteristics. The excellent physical and chemical properties offset the price of gold.

Types of Gold Plating

Pure Gold – 99.90%, 90 HK25

Hard Gold - 99.7%, 130-200 HK25 (Grade C)

Hard Gold – 99.7% >200 HK25 (Grade D)

Electroless Gold- 99.90%, 90 HK25

Immersion Gold  

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